ETC Staff Development


Customer Service
This motivational workshop will introduce participants to the importance of establishing a "human connection" with their students by utilizing best practices of professional courtesy and effective communication in an effort to cultivate a customer-centric mindset in higher education. This session, targeted for leaders & employees in education, will address the need to take personal accountability to dazzle both internal and external customers.  Participants will be given the necessary inspiration, understanding and tools to create loyal customers while embracing a philosophy of service excellence.

Time & Stress Management
For most professionals in the workforce, juggling the demands of career and personal life is an ongoing challenge. With so many demands on your time, it can feel difficult to strike a healthy balance. This workshop focuses on how to regain control by incorporating goal planning strategies that will help you eliminate work/life conflict, manage time effectively, reduce stress and restore harmony, resulting in both intrinsic and tangible rewards for a healthier YOU!

Project Planning
This workshop will cover basic project management as well as planning tips and techniques that are applicable to educators. Using practical group exercises and shared experiences, participants will be equipped with project planning and management tools that will enhance learning and provide immediate experience to develop and strengthen your project management capabilities.

Effective Communications
Through interactive learning experiences, role-plays and entertaining discussion, this participant-centered workshop will focus on the key elements of interpersonal communication skills. In order to work effectively in an educational community, it is essential to strengthen skills for on-going communication & listening that will enhance one's ability to best deliver services to students, faculty, staff, parents, visitors, and community members. This dynamic session will leave participants energized to perform their work with greater appreciation for each person's contribution and a better understanding of how relationships are built, thus boosting the performance of each employee and the entire organization.

Conflict Resolution & Management
When people work together in a diverse and dynamic environment, conflict and disagreements inevitably arise. Learning to resolve disagreements constructively is the key to maintaining healthy work relationships and fostering a productive workplace.  This session is designed to increase participants' comfort with conflict situations and to enhance their ability to work with others to resolve conflict and maintain respectful behavior.
With the proper understanding of the nature of conflict and with the tools to handle disagreements constructively, participants will be able to enrich their work, their professional relationships, and their careers.

Ethics & Business Etiquette
Utilizing thought-provoking activities, case studies and interactive exercises, this workshop stimulates new ways of thinking for making sound ethical decisions.  It also covers the principles of professional business etiquette — a set of rules and guidelines that make your professional relationships more harmonious, productive, manageable and meaningful as well as help you succeed in the higher education workplace.  Participants will learn how easy it can be to make some simple adjustments to their attitudes and behaviors so that they can practice business etiquette skills and shine in any professional situation.

This session will give you the vital tips and techniques to improve your delegation abilities and increase your effectiveness as a leader in higher education. Participants will learn a philosophy and a process for delegation, along with several tools to help handle this important role powerfully, enabling them to focus on the most important use of their time while training others to assume and share increasing responsibility as well as appreciate the art of empowerment.

Building High-Performance Teams
This engaging workshop will include elements of "play" as well as a variety of blended learning approaches. Attendees will learn and incorporate a model of team development that can be applied immediately in their workplace. Effective teams produce superior decisions, processes, products, and services. This session creates an energy or synergy that taps into the creativity of the entire group and is designed to give participants the step-by-step process, critical skills and practical tools to develop any group into a high-performing team.  Explore pathways to a high-performance culture in this interactive and inspirational session.

Performance Improvement & Management
This management course helps you develop the skills you need to lead and inspire effectively so you can develop a team of top performing employees. You'll learn how to coach, challenge, and motivate each staff member within your institution to maximize performance through building a highly efficient and enthusiastic team.

Employee Engagement & Motivation
This session is designed to help organizations who have a desire to create employee engagement awareness and understanding within their higher education workplace. Participants will discover how to create an actionable development plan with their employees while motivating others to real change, thus building employee engagement and retaining top talent.  They will also begin to understand their value and realize the incredibly positive impact that extraordinary coaching can make in an institution.  Join us in this workshop and take the next step to positively impact your workplace.