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Our Company

Established in 2003, Educator Training & Consulting was created to improve post-secondary teaching after lead consultant Sean J. Glassberg saw the need to support faculty members who have had no formal introduction to or training in Best Teaching Practices. Often, the faculty members that need the most assistance are those hired by higher education institutions directly from industry. These new faculty members have a wealth of industry experience and degrees in their fields, but in most cases are not aware of the basic tools necessary to become effective teachers in the post-secondary classroom.

Our Training Programs for new and inexperienced faculty members focus on Student Learning Styles, Classroom Management Strategies, Competency-Based Instructional Methods, and Critical Thinking Development, in addition to other essential topics in Instructional Methodology. When hiring faculty, post-secondary institutions make a long-term investment; ETC programs will increase faculty retention rates and improve the instruction in the classrooms of those new faculty. Students learn more successfully from well-trained faculty members and experience less frustration and confusion in the process. The result is an enhancement of the post-secondary school retention and graduation rates.

Glassberg, the recipient of the 2013 TYCA-Southeast Cowan Award for Teaching Excellence Award and the 2007 Professor of the Year at Horry Georgetown Technical College, has over twenty years of academic and professional experience, ranging from teaching English at community colleges and universities to training industry and technical professionals to become educators. In addition to training faculty across the country, he is Director of Faculty Development and an Associate Provost at Horry Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


ETC is a proud supporter of Racers for Pacers, a non-profit offering children with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy running and racing.