About ETC: Our Presenters


Sean Glassberg

Sean J Glassberg has over 18 years of academic and professional experience, ranging from teaching English at community colleges and universities to training industry and technical professionals to become educators. He created Educator Training & Consulting to improve post-secondary teaching after he saw firsthand the need to support instructors who have had no formal introduction to, or training in, the Best Practices of College Teaching. As a full-time instructor at Horry Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach, SC, he watched as the college hired new and adjunct faculty with limited teaching experience, only to provide them with a textbook, syllabus, and the command: "Go teach." He realized that something had to be done to ease the transition for these instructors, both at his own college and many others. Since then, he has travelled across the country, working with faculty members at private colleges, public community and technical colleges, and universities.

Sean lives with his wife and four young children in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.


Kimmy Raymond

Kimmy earned her Master of Arts degree in Industrial & Labor Relations/Human Resource Management and her Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She is an active member of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) as well as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and she has held a variety of leadership roles at the local chapter level.  Throughout her career, Kimmy has been employed in the fields of Human Resources Management, Employment and Recruiting, Career Development, Training and Development, and Consulting, with an emphasis on Organizational Development and Effectiveness.

She previously worked in Corporate and Staff Development at University of Florida and has run her own consulting business. She offers workshops on Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communications, Conflict Resolution & Management, Creativity & Innovation, and Ethics & Business Etiquette.

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